About us

First the English: We are offering English language teachers and others with an interest in second language acquisition the fantastic opportunity to listen to 11 top speakers on subjects that are of interest and relevance to us all. You can hear the speakers and discuss their thoughts with them by signing up to the YLTsig EVO sessions. The course starts on Monday 9 January 2012.

Now the acronyms: This is the IATEFL  YLTsig EVO 2012 page of the YLTSIG EVO 2012 sessions.

On these WordPress pages you will find the discussion corner created to accompany the presentations that will be given by the 11 people who comprise “The best of YLTSIG'”.

YLT SIG is The Young Learners and Teenagers SIG (Special Interest Group) of UK-based IATEFL (The International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language).

EVO is The English Village Online, a part of USA-based TESOL ( A professional association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages).

YLTSIG EVO 2012 represents the first formal co-operation between IATEFL and TESOL EVO.

Your Team

Dennis Newson Dennis Newson M.A. (Cantab), P.D.E.S.L (Leeds)

Taught EFL in Africa, Arabia, Norway and Germany in middle schools, secondary schools, teacher training colleges, a technical university and an arts university. He was a consultant for short periods in Bosnia and Kosovo, and conferences have taken him to Poland, Hungary, Las Palmas, Russia and England. He has developed his interest in SL since his alleged retirement. He is also a member of the Iatefl GISIG committee (global issues), the YLTSIG committee and moderator of the YLTSIG online discussion list and online events. He  did his first EVO session as a co-moderator for a project about teaching foreign languages in Second Life.

Helen Davies Helen Davies

I’m Helen Davies, currently living and working in France. I work as an English teacher in state schools and have worked with young learners, special needs pupils and teens. I’m also involved in teacher training for primary school teachers.  I’m very happy to have just finished my Masters in online language learning and am passionnate about using technology with my pupils.As a member of the YLTSIG committee with Dennis and ffinlo, we have been trying to increase and improve our group’s online activity.

ffinlo Kilner ffinlo Kilner

I am the Academic Manager of SUL Language Schools, a company that provides language holidays for teenagers and children around the UK. I am also (new) co-editor of the IATEFL YLT Sig C&TS (Children & Teenagers) magazine. I trained as a graphic designer and worked for a number of years in brand and web design as well as taught in UK primary schools as part of the creative curriculum project where artists work with classes and their teacher on art-based projects. I have also been an EFL teacher since 1986, working mostly in language schools in Europe and the UK (I know!) but have only just reappeared on grid after three years rearing pigs, sheep and hens on a smallholding on the Welsh border. I now live in Cornwall, England.I hold a PGCE in Further Education as well as RSA Diploma.

Email: ffinlo@sul-schools.com


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