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The food we eat makes our bodies. The stories we hear and tell make our minds. Stories are as fundamental to humans as water is to fish. We can think abstractly but a major highway in our thinking is through stories.I would like this hugeness of stories in our lives to play a big part in this webinar. Of course, colleagues who care, will want to know what to actually do about it in the classroom. In so far as I can, I will suggest a few practical activities I have done for little children and for older teens.

Andrew has worked as a storyteller with young people in about thirty countries in the last twenty-five years. His special interests are in stories arising from our daily lives and in the art and craft of telling and of writing stories. He also loves book making and shadow theatre.

He has published, ‘Storytelling with Children’ and ‘Creating Stories with Children’ with OUP and ‘Writing Stories’ with Helbling Languages (co-author David A.Hill)

His website which is full of articles and stories for teachers is called:

3 Responses to Andrew Wright

  1. Marie helene says:

    Dear friends,
    I won’t be able to attend the presentation as I will be attending another one which might not be recorded. I’m really sorry! It’s hard to combine 5 EVO sessions…
    Thanks a lot for the fabulous session & for the wonderful presentations!
    I’m looking forward to watching the recording!:)
    Kind regards,

  2. helend says:

    Thank you Andrew for a fascinating session and your brave battle with all those techy problems.
    I too will enjoy the recording !
    warm regards

  3. Thanks a lot Andrew!

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