Charles Goodger

Kick starting the Teaching Module Link to recording of presentation

The carefully balanced use of TPR techniques and expressive mime and dance accelerate memorization, guarantee long-term recall and favour correct pronunciation of words and language chunks. The founder of FunSongs Education speaks six languages (four fluently) and plays three musical instruments. He is an English teacher, entertainer, text-book writer, and since 2011 a teacher trainer for Pilgrims in Canterbury. Charles also teaches English at Bologna University. He has held workshops for teachers in China, India, Lithuania, Russia, Latvia, France, Germany, Italy, Estonia, Spain and England. Find out more about Charles’ work at  FunSongs Education website shortlisted for an ELTons award  in 2011.



5 Responses to Charles Goodger

  1. philipquick says:

    Hi Charles….I really enjoyed ur presentation……What set me off thinking was I look in at the classes for young learners ,where I am in Moldova, and see how sedentary their learning experience is.They could do with just 5 minutes of your ideas. As always the kids come to school after a full day of lessons, and are bushed out! Energising them would be a life saver.
    My point is how do you think I could use your ideas in an advanced group setting of young adults. They, too come from work tired, and im expected to teach them for 2 hours 15 minutes straight through. I was thinking along the lines of fillers and warmer burst, without it not being too embarassing.This week im doing cleft sentences!!!
    THX 4 ur time Philip

  2. Charles says:

    Dear Philip

    The best way to answer your question and to give you some ideas is to invite you to look at this video of me teaching young adults through action songs. It was filmed last month in Anand, India.

  3. Richard Badger says:

    Great presentation and impressive use of the possibilities of Adobe connect. It demonstrates the energizing impact of songs. As someone who was in the room when the Anand video was recorded. I can confirm the enormous enthusiasm with which the students took part.



  4. philipquick says:

    Hi Charles…I tried out your basic idea with Cleft sentences. Having seen how a guy who used it to teach selling techniques -he was using body language and a basic rhythm, with this emphatic structure.
    I transferred your approach and his, and then hey presto my older adults were moving and miming to a cleft sentence ,whilst speaking and demonstrating the words they had prepared.
    THX all the best Philip
    ps just need to get some music in there…

  5. Kalyan Chattopadhyay says:

    Charles’ Funsongs method of teaching English has fascinated the Indian schools teachers as well as the undergraduate students whom he met during his visit to India in January. I have seen many teachers using Total Physical Response (TPR) method with young learners in India, but not with the adults. Charles demonstrated how effective it could be with the adults. Some of these learners keep asking me when is Charles coming back to India?

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