Sandie Mourao

The magical picturebook tour! Link to recording of presentation

Sandie Mourao

Into using authentic materials in your classes? Enjoy using stories? Like children’s literature? Know what picturebooks are? Don’t know what picturebooks are? Work with small kids? Work with big kids? Hey, doesn’t really matter what you do or where you do it, or how much or how little you think you know about it. Why not spend an hour with me on a magical picturebook tour? I’ll be sharing my very favourite picturebooks to look at picturebook anatomy, to show you what makes a good picturebook, to look at picturebook pictures and picturebook words. There’ll be picturebooks for little kids, medium sized kids and big kids; funny picturebooks, sad picturebooks, scarey picturebooks and serious picturebooks; picturebooks in rhyme, picturebooks in prose, and picturebooks with no words at all. Picturebooks! We’ll be looking at, listening to, talking about and sharing picturebooks! What better way to spend an hour?

The tour starts on Friday 10th February at 19:00 GMT. And why not bring along your favourite picturebook!

Sandie has lived and worked in Portugal for 25 years as a teacher, teacher educator, author and consultant. She’s passionate about picturebooks and shares this passion
through her blog . If you want to know a little more about hervisit her website

5 Responses to Sandie Mourao

  1. Hello everyone,
    A quick message after my session to say how much I enjoyed sharing my passion for picturebooks. Many thanks to those of you who were able to come on the tour. I hope it was useful and that you now look at picturebooks in a different light.
    I watched bits of the session today and realised that several questions from participants went unanswered. I apologise for that, I found it difficult seeing which were questions amongst the off task chatting! If you’d like to ask again, or have any further queries do let me know, I’m happy to keep talking about picturebooks!

  2. Marie helene says:

    Dear Sandie,

    Thanks so much for a wonderfu lpresentation! It interested me all the more as I teach teenagers & didn’t know much about picturebooks! You opened up an entire world to me! Thanks a lot!!!!!!
    Tjanks for the handout too!:)

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Marie,
      Thanks for writing! I am so pleased I’ve sparked an interest, and especially pleased it is in relation to using picturebooks with older learners. Brilliant! Do keep in touch and if you use a picturebook with your learners let me know how it goes.


    • Sandie and Marie,

      I wanted to mention a vvery amusing but serious picturebook for the older reader but I have only just been able to find it on my shelves:
      The Tin-Pot Foreign General and the Old Iron Woman by Raymond Briggs Published Hamish Hamilton 1984

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