Susan Hillyard

Sounds fun! Playing with Sounds in the English Language Classroom Link to recording of presentation

Susan Hillyard holds a B.Ed. from Warwick University (U.K.) in Dramatic Arts and Sociology and has worked as a classroom teacher, a Head, or a teacher trainer in eleven countries, using drama for education and language learning.She has taught at two major teacher training colleges in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she is currently based. She is the former Educational Advisor for The Performers Theatre and an educational consultant travelling to six or seven countries each year.

She has co-authored a Resource Book for Teachers “Global Issues” for OUP, and has authored and taught an online course: From Learning Creatively to Teaching Creatively.

In Argentina she’s the driving force behind the provision of English language teaching  in special schools, shanty town schools, hospital schools, orphanages and home visits to students with severe and terminal illnesses.

This workshop is based on the philosophy of “Confidence First, Fluency Second and Accuracy Third”. It emphasises active learning in ELT and offers a series of activities for helping students to play with English sounds in a practical way leading to more confident use of the voice and ultimately to better pronunciation. It is based on the idea that teachers do not often work sufficiently effectively with the oral skills particularly the sounds of English.


3 Responses to Susan Hillyard

  1. osnacantab says:

    There is a handout for Susan’s session on Monday 6th. February at:

    And in FILES locate:

    Sounds Fun! Abstract and Handouts Susan Hllyard


  2. Marijana says:

    Hello Susan! I couldn’t join you for the live sessin as I was working, but then I read Helen’s comment in YG post how participants were making all kinds of sounds and thought I must check this out. I I do think we don’t teach pronunciation too much in our classrooms. It was 1 am in the morning when I listen to the rec, I was laughing and enjoying it so much. I will try those funny sounds and animal sounds with my teenage students and will let you know how they liked it. Here in Croatia we have most of the sounds in our own language as in English, like d3 (journey) or 3 like in (measure) so our students don’t have so many problems learning the pronuncation, but what I’ve liked about your session is the drama part and the articulate, the stress and the breathing that you explained so well. Thank you for that! Hugs, Marijana, Croatia.

  3. Susan Hillyard says:

    Hi Marijana!
    Thanks for this!
    Glad you enjoyed the recording and found it useful.
    Go ahead and try out the breathing, sounds and poems.
    let me know how it goes1
    Susan H

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