Wendy Arnold

The importance of early literacy teaching in the ELT context Link to recording of presentation

Wendy Arnold is an English Language Teaching (ELT) Consultant, teacher and trainer trainer with extensive international experience. Her background is in ELT teaching/training and educational management. She has experience of curriculum reform as well as design and implementation of ELT training programmes at primary/elementary level for Ministry of Education teachers. She is an author and primary ELT materials writer with several major UK publishers. She specialises in early literacy. (MA in Teaching English to Young Learners (York), PGCE (Hong Kong), CELTYL, CELTA) www.elt-consultants.com 


9 Responses to Wendy Arnold

  1. Elisenda says:

    Hi, when is your conference, because on the 8th is not Sunday…!? So, is it on Wednesday the 8th or on Sunday the 12th? Thanks!

  2. Elisenda says:

    Thanks great moderators!! 😉 I was just organizing myself with my agenda when realized… 🙂

    • osnacantab says:

      As it happens, Wendy might have to change her dates again. She was suddenly asked to fly to Suadi Arabia, and now has been invited to South Africa. She WILL join us here, but we are still confirming (ew) dates! You will know just after we know. 🙂

      Dennis along with ffinlo and Helen

  3. Hugh (UK) says:

    Thanks, Wendy for great talk. Wanted to thank you at time but got cut off. Bit stormy outside and couldn’t type plus suddenly heard the Black Eyed Peas in background.

  4. Marie helene says:

    i’m so sorry I could not attend (I was at a training session).
    Will there be a recording of the session please?
    That would be awesome!:)
    THANKS for your great job & this FABULOUS EVO session!:)

    • osnacantab says:


      No problem. There are recordings of all the sesions. Just go to the WordPress blog and you will a link either in Wendy’s page, or against her name in the program.

      So glad you have enjoyed YLTSIG EVO 2012

  5. Marie helene says:

    thank you Dennis!:)

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